Thission square, Athens

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client: Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens
date:  2000
location:  Athens
architectural design: Atelier Yannis Tsiomis, D. Diamantopoulos, YAP

Project Details

The design aims at redefining the visitor’s entrance and observation path in the archaeological site. Moreover, an attempt is made to restore certain elements of the area’s landscape such as ground slopes, supporting walls etc. The paths are organized on the basis of their historical value as well as their role in viewing and understanding the site. Certain routes constitute an attempt to re-introduce the urban fabric of the classical period, while an additional route surrounding the site is introduced.

In short, there are three types of paths:

  • The main paths give visitors a general idea of the site, its monuments and their historical importance.
  • Secondary paths offer a more detailed view for those seeking one.
  • Special interest paths are of limited access.

Both design and construction are based on the issues of discretion, sustainability, flexibility and durability of materials. As a result, the material proposed for the creation of the paths is concentrated soil processed in a variety of ways..

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