Regeneration of “Schism” square in Elounda, Crete

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client: Municipality of Agios Nikolaos (Architectural Competition)
date:  2012
location:  Elounda, Crete
architectural design: Μ. Kantartzis, Y. Andreadis, Μ. Gavriiloglou, Ch. Skorara
circulation study: Th. Vlastos
MEP study: Α. Αsimakis

Project Details

The design principles aim at upgrading the Schism square of the as the main public area of the town. The square could also be regarded as a point of reference regarding tourist activity in the district. In particular, the design aims at:

  • Redefining the square as a public space by removing all vehicles.
  • Unifying the square with its surrounding area, following a coherent design strategy
  • Introduction of a new regional road, separated from the main square by bollards
  • Expansion of the paving design towards the urban fabric, so as to create a sense of unity
  • Introduction of various in the area surrounding the square (playground, information desk, cafes, kiosks, open air exhibition areas, canopies)
  • Intervention in the surrounding building facades
  • Highlighting the view towards the sea
  • Formation of centrally located area that may host open-air performances
  • Encouragement of pedestrian and bicycle traffic thru the square
  • Expansion of the area surrounding the church

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