New Acropolis Museum

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International Architectural Competition
client: Ministry of Culture
date: 2001
location: Athens
architectural design: YAP, Atelier Yannis Tsiomis, G.M. Wilmotte

Project Details

The new Museum is formed by two main volumes. The first part hosts the building-plot’s in situ antiquities, which are considered to be an organic part of the new Museum. The second part houses the main exhibits and the Museum servicing areas.

The exhibits found in the site are protected by a space frame. This frame is covered by photovoltaic panels, on the surface of which elements of the underlying archeological site may be imprinted, so as to be visible from the Acropolis. The building envelope is a solid rectilinear volume, which creates a calm interior atmosphere, appropriate for contemplation. Visual contact with the Acropolis takes place where it is most expected-in the Parthenon hall. Natural lighting is controlled so as to ensure appropriate lighting conditions for the exhibits throughout the day.

The design of the facades is defined by an overall simplicity and the will to integrate the new Museum with the pre-existing cultural setting. This has been achieved through the use of prefabricated terracotta tiles, specially decorated with engravings, which are highlighted under the Attica sun.

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