Green Urban Quarter Pilot Project, Athens

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Work nominated for the European Union Prize Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award 2013

client: Ministry of the Enviroment
date: 2012
location: Agia Varvara, Athens
architectural design: Y. Andreadis,
C. Vei-Spiropoulou (ELIUS – C. Vei Spiropoulou and Partners)
A. Kostikas (Architectural Studio Ltd)
A.Tombazis (Meletitiki – A.N. Tombazis and Associates Architects Ltd)
photos: Ch. Louizidis

Project Details

The Green Urban Quarter Pilot Project refers to the energy upgrading of a low income building block with four multi-family buildings (1675m2 each), in the municipality of Agia Varvara, greater Athens area. The project is realized within the framework of the national “Green Neighborhood” program and is coordinated by the Center of Renewable Energy Systems (CRES).The project’s aims are:

  • Approximately 60% saving in primary energy consumption, by improving the buildings envelope performance.
  • Motivation of the related supply chain, industries and commercial companies.
  • Quality control of the products and of their implementation in the refurbishment process.
  • Increased awareness of the local residents regarding the benefits of energy upgrading by means of examples and dissemination activities.

Four offices with architects experienced in the application of Renewable Energy technics in buildings, were chosen by CRES as consultants for the project. The architects used an austere design with vivid colors, demonstrating that with simple means, a technically effective, low in cost and aesthetically pleasant result can be achieved. CRES supervised the realization of the design with the help of the Municipality and the Unions of commercial companies which provided for the work cost and the appropriate products used. Innovative materials were implemented to the facades, such as self-cleaning paint used in order to face the graffiti problem and to simplify maintenance. A competition is in progress for the refurbishment of the three remaining buildings and the mechanical installations of the whole block.

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