Artist’s Studio and Residence

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Project Selected for the Biennale of Young Greek Architects
client: Private
date:  1998
location:   Kifissia, Athens
architectural design: YAP

Project Details

The main concept derives from the study of the formal and functional relationship of two different uses within a unified building envelope. The aim was to achieve a certain uniformity of style as well as a clear differentiation between the two building uses. The residence area and the studio are interwoven as two juxtaposed volumes, the one slightly displaced towards the other, so as to achieve both an internal communication and an interesting arrangement of the outdoor spaces. The building encloses a small a courtyard creating a “micro–climate” ensuring privacy and creativity. The interior design is characterized by minimalism, with the use of white walls, uncoated ceilings, wooden and industrial floors and an emphasis in the use of daylight. The solid appearance of the exterior volumes of the building is emphasized by the use of steel structures (canopies-passages, balconies).

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